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About Joe Deegan

Joe grew up in the small town of Tuscumbia, AL near the banks of the Tennessee River. He started playing guitar when he was 15 on a cheap, old fender he borrowed from a friend. A year later, he started banging around the old piano that sat in his living room. He fell in love with both and quickly discovered he had more of an interest in music than he realized. 


Joe found ways to play for churches and gatherings and friends throughout high school and college until he moved to Houston, TX to work as a youth pastor at Christ the King Presbyterian Church. He has since found a home in Houston with his wife, Leah, and his four kids Ellie, Sam, Will, and Maggie. 


Joe wrote and recorded his debut album in March of 2015 called "The Risen King," an eleven song project that tells the story of the crucifixion and resurrection of Christ. Joe's second album "Cover and Title Page" was released in January of 2017.  

In June of 2018, Joe started working as a worship leader for Reformed Youth Ministries. He recorded "Promised Land" in 2019. Joe's most recent album "Sing Over Us" was released in April 2020 with a new album arriving in spring of 2022. These albums contain a collection of hymns, modern covers, and originals. As with any RYM Worship project, these albums strive to provide a resource of theologically rich and accessible worship songs for churches and youth ministries to sing together.

In addition to his music, Joe recently wrote a book called The Power of Story. Click here to purchase on Amazon



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