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Cover and Title Page

Written by Joe Deegan

Produced by Joshua Moore

Joe Deegan - acoustic guitar, vocals​

Grace VanLoh - vocals

Joshua Moore - acoustic guitar, piano, percussion

Matt Kidd - electric guitar



I have heard my fathers calling

From the fields of days gone by

They sing the song that never fades

They tell the tale that never dies


Every life is a story

Time unfolds with every age

This is only the beginning

The cover and title page


I remember my first funeral

At seven years old I stared into the grave

They told me death was not forever

But death was all there seemed to be that day




If I live the rest of my life

Deaf and dumb and blind

Oh, the stories I could tell

Just by being alive


I have held a newborn baby

He laid his sleeping head upon my chest

And I could feel my beating heart

Match the quiet rhythm of his breath



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