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House Concert FAQ

1. What is a house concert?

          A house concert is a small, intimate concert in someone’s living room where I                 sing songs and tell stories.

2. How many people usually come?

          I’ve had anywhere from 10 to 60 people at past shows I’ve performed.

3. How much would it cost me to host one of these concerts?

         That’s the great thing about hosting—usually the host doesn’t pay me anything. I            would only ask you to provide a place for me to sell merchandise and to ask your            guests to pay a suggested donation of $10 each (not including merchandise sales).

4. What if I don’t live in the Houston area?

         I’d still love to come do a show at your house, but we would need to discuss the              details. Traveling to your beautiful mountain home in Sweden to do a                      

         concert would be a dream come true, but sadly I can’t afford the flight. This would          be one of those situations where the host would have to cover travel expenses. If              you’re within decent driving distance, however, I usually don’t charge.

5. What does the evening typically look like?

        For the most part, however you like. It’s a party, and you’re the host. You can serve         dinner, drinks, snacks, dessert, all or none of the above. I only ask that, at some               point, you gather your guests into the living room to get comfortable for the show.           The one potentially misleading thing about calling it a “party” is that I don’t want           to play background music for mingling. My desire for a house show is to have a               chance to sing my songs and tell my stories and let my music connect with you and         your guests in an intimate environment. The beauty of a house concert is that it               provides the musician with a captive audience, and it provides the audience with a           musician who is willing to pour everything they’ve got into making it a memorable         and artistic experience for everyone attending. 

6. How do I book one of these concerts?

        Email me at Even if you’re not sure and you just need           to ask a few questions, shoot me an email. I promise I won’t take “I’m interested”           as “I want to.” You are absolutely allowed to feel out the situation with no pressure         to commit.

7. What if my house isn’t big enough to host?

        First off, I bet it is. I’ve done shows in tiny living rooms with only a handful of               people, and those are some of my favorite shows I’ve ever performed. If you think           you can fit at least ten people in your living room, then it will be worth my while to         come play. I’ve also had families co-host because they found someone with plenty           of space who was willing to open their home to lots of guests. There are many                 different ways to go about it, and I would be glad to discuss ideas with you if                   you’re interested in reaching out to me.   

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