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Marching on Selma

Written by Joe Deegan

Produced by Joshua Moore

Joe Deegan - acoustic guitar, vocals

Grace VanLoh - vocals

Matt Kidd - electric guitar

I’ll be marching down on Selma

With my brothers at my side

Though my skin’s a different color,

I’m bleeding black tonight


Let that justice roll like rivers

Let that mighty trumpet sound

Let that judgment fall on Jericho

Let the walls come crumbling down


Oh, I’m a white man from the south

But, Lord, I will not take the blame

For all the hatred that you’ve found

Oh, I’m a good man, can’t you tell?

I condemn those racist bigots

Who deserve to go to hell


But if the problem lies

With everyone else

The problem will never go away

When I see my reflection

In that crimson pool of blood

I know that I deserve the blame


There’s a monster in my heart

That I keep locked up deep inside

You would never know by looking

All the darkness that I hide


I’ve been working my whole life

To prove that I’m a decent man

Then those stars and stripes start crossing

On that blood-red rebel flag

Oh, ain’t that a picture of my heart

I’ve been running from the truth

I’ve been a rebel from the start

Oh, if I want justice for the dead

Then that hammer-stroke of justice

Must fall upon my head




In the darkness of these waters

When we’re wrestling with the tide

There’s a distant light that flickers

That the darkness cannot hide


He is coming, little children

Oh, lift your eyes and see

His justice rolls like thunder

And his mercy sets us free


Oh, he is the Judge of all the earth

He will suffer with his children

He will weep with those who hurt

Oh, there is a balm in Gilead

Let us suffer side by side

For there is healing in his hands

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