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Singing River

Written by Joe Deegan

Produced by Joshua Moore

Joe Deegan - vocals

Sarah Cooper - vocals

Joshua Moore - acoustic guitar, bass, piano

Will Van Horn - pedal steel

Michael "Tank" Lisenbe - drums

I’ve been cruising down the highway

Through swamplands and dry plains

Cajun river rolling into Mississippi mud

I’ve been riding north from Hammond

On 55 through Jackson

Till that Alabama anthem starts a’ boiling in my blood

And I’ve been on this road too long

My tank’s on empty and the radio’s off


I can feel it in the air, I can hear her sweet, sweet song

Let that cold water rise up and wash over me

Come on, now, singing river, serenade me home


I can hear those chestnuts fall

The family’s gathered in the yard

The smoke is swirling from the coal beneath the grill

I can see those cypress trees

That line the rocky Tennessee

The beaten path along the bluffs at Whippoorwill




I can smell those autumn leaves

The maples swaying in the breeze

I can hear that freight train ramblin’ down the tracks

I can see Old Father Time

Sit down to kick back and recline

The sun is rising; I can see my home, at last



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