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The Monotony of Love

Written by Joe Deegan

Joe Deegan - acoustic guitar, vocals

Joshua Moore - acoustic guitar, piano

Nils Jonnson - violin

Baby, love is not a raging fire

That burns and fades away

It’s the ember that keeps glowing

When the cold wind takes the flame


Baby, love is not a moonlit tide

That rushes and retreats

It’s the trickle of a creek bed

With a constant, steady stream


There’s a sweetness to the things that stay the same

The monotony of love is a beautiful refrain


Baby, you are a love that never changes

You’re as steadfast as the sunrise, strong as the rock of ages

Baby, I don’t care for a love like shooting stars

I want a love that lasts forever that’s graven on my heart


Baby, love not a fleeting glance

It’s waking up to see

The same face every morning

That you promise not to leave


Baby, love is the wedding ring

That we forget we wear

But day by day it binds the heart

That you and I both share




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