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The Wedding Feast

Written by Joe Deegan

Produced by Joshua Moore

Joe Deegan - acoustic guitar, vocals

Grace VanLoh - vocals

Daniel Campbell - vocals

Joshua Moore - bass, accordion, tambourine

Nils Jonnson - violin

Michael "Tank" Lisenbe - drums, percussion

O Come and buy without money

Oh come and feast without pay

For the King has opened his banquet hall

To the beggar, the outcast, and the slave


Behold, He is coming soon

And He will surely bring his recompense

Go tell the world the Kingdom is at hand

His Kingdom shall make all things right again


And the first shall be last; the last shall be first

The poor will have everything they need

The orphan who sleeps alone in the cold

Shall dine at the right hand of the King




Go on and leave those filthy rags behind

And clothe yourself in garments white as snow

This is the hope that you’ve been longing for

This is the land that’s always been your home


This is love like an ocean as deep as the sea

This is love like the closest of friends

This is love without shame, this is love without cost

This is love, this is love without end



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